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The CYN Legacy is a program partnering with Christian churches and organizations to facilitate fund raising projects that not only save time and money but also rewards those who donate.

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CYN Legacy Individual Partner Benefits: Maximize Your Impact & Returns

As an individual partner in the CYN Legacy Program, you play a pivotal role in supporting churches and ministries through a strategic financial approach. Here's how you benefit from participating:

  • Annual Interest Payments: Enjoy the convenience of receiving competitive interest payments yearly, providing a safe, secure, and stable financial reward for your support.

  • Capital Security: Your principal is repaid at the end of the term, ensuring your funds are returned after its impactful tenure.

  • Flexible Funding Sources: You have the flexibility to loan funds from various sources, including savings, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), or 401(k), etc., offering a range of options to suit your financial situation.

  • Impactful Partnership: As a partner your participation goes beyond financial benefits, directly contributing to the growth and success of church or ministry projects, making a lasting difference in communities and lives.

  • Tax Efficiency: For funds loaned from an IRA or 401(k), your participation in this program can be structured in a tax-efficient manner, aligning with your financial planning and goals.

By participating in the CYN Legacy Program as an individual partner, you are not just supporting financially; you are also supporting the future of faith-based communities, while enjoying beneficial returns and financial security.

How Does CYN Legacy Work?

CYN Legacy is an innovative fundraising solution for churches and ministries, enabling them to achieve their visions faster without incurring bank debt. This program utilizes a social lending model, enabling individuals to partner with projects they believe in. CYN Legacy's financial model provides a practical and efficient alternative to traditional banking methods for organizational growth and development.

CYN Legacy: Revolutionizing Church and Ministry Fundraising

Join the CYN Legacy today and transform how your church or ministry achieves its vision, with financial empowerment and efficiency at its core.

🌟 The Advantage of CYN Legacy

  • Bypass Traditional Banking Hassles: Forget about bank loans, complex documentation, cumbersome requirements, and the risk of loan denials or restrictive conditions.

  • Empower Kingdom Growth: Gain the freedom to impact more lives, families, and communities for the Kingdom without financial constraints.

  • Tax-Efficient Contributions: Utilize your IRA for lending without triggering a taxable event, making your contributions both impactful and tax-efficient.

💡 The CYN Legacy Solution: Social Lending

  • Direct Connections: Social Lending represents a peer-to-peer (P2P) framework that connects borrowers and investors directly through an online platform, bypassing traditional banking systems.

  • Retirement Account Involvement: Your retirement accounts can actively participate in social lending, managed through a truly self-directed custodian.

  • A Trusted Facilitator: While Cast Your Nets plays a crucial role in facilitating these connections, we do not handle the funds directly, ensuring transparency and trust.

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